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Sunday, 6 March 2016


Yo! Just a quick update on a couple of things over the last few weeks.

Big releases for the bands I've made music videos for showcasing their new albums.


The band dropped with first album 'RISE UP' on the 19th February. And yes, while I could be very biased about it, I still like to think I know bad music from good.  As for this album?  Its a belter full of riffs and energy.  It's a must listen if you're a fan of Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath, and Alice in Chains.  The band are tight, the songs well written, and chock full of great riffs.

I'm genuinely happy with the work I did for the band.  I tried to give them something new and original than the usual rock music videos, to try and show the energy the songs have while being visually arresting to the viewer.

I honestly feel the band can take that next step and hopefully get signed up.  So if you like any of the videos and more importantly the music, show some love and buy the album from the links below to help em out and keep them going.

Buy on iTunes
Buy the CD

Follow the guys below -

And here's my contribution below.  You can check out behind the scenes photo's and promotional guff over on our FACEBOOK page.

Next up - MERRIN

I've known the band since my University days and see them go from strength to strength.  Their second EP is called 'MIDNIGHT MOVIES' that was released 1st March.

Again, could not be more impressed.  In the genre of bands that emerge from movie soundtracks of the 80's heavily influenced by Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Goblin, MERRIN have moved up a gear with this album.

The album is more focused and balanced than their previous release 'DOOM CINEMA'.  With the added percussion and synth arrangements widening the scope, the album has a lot of prog-rock influences behind it with the likes of Mogwai being a major influence for me.

As for my input you can read about the history HERE.  It's a video that is dirty, grimy, and not for everyone as it's very uncomfortable. This is something that fits the band and the new album, especially with the redux version of the song Henry Kane.

Again, show the band some love and pick up a copy of the album.  And for you budding filmmakers, if you love the sound and want them to work on your films, give them a shout!

Follow them here -

Here's some publicity from SLAUGHTERED BIRD too

Enjoy the video!

Stay tuned for more new updates for a few projects we've got lined up!

See ya on the flip side...Danny

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Howdy folks!

Nice surprise this week in regards to a little favourite of mine.

The music video for Henry Kane by MERRIN has been re-released! Revamped!

Check out a little background and festival runs in previous blogs (HEREHEREHERE, and HERE)

Overall, I'm such a massive fan of the music that I just had to post about where it started to where it is now.  Also, I've been meaning to update the Facebook page with behind the scenes info about my work, so what better time to start?


I originally approached the band (Chris Purdie) as he was gigging in London around 2012. He was recording a few songs for an EP and I asked if he had a song I could play around with.  He threw 'Henry Kane' at me and said "have fun"

So off I went and shot the thing solo over a few months, generally playing around and thinking of creepy/strange imagery.  Influenced by Michael Mann's 'Manhunter' and  David Fincher's 'Girl with a Dragon Tattoo' opening credit sequence, the tone was set.

After shooting a load of footage and jumping into editing, a story began to emerge that brought the whole thing to life. The run-through of following a murderer and getting inside his head as he commits a crime gave me a goal over the runtime.  

The Goblin-inspired song added to the already disturbing sense of fear through the 7 minute piece. There was a deliberate slow pace and pay off - a beginning, middle (a trippy one), and end -  that hopefully made you feel you went through an "experience".

That was then.

Now, in 2016, it's taken to another level.

A few years later and the song has added more from a composition stand point.   It's now a John Murphy/Goblin/John Carpenter/Mogwai fused monster.  Chris said it's took him years to finally nail the song (the drums taking the song to a definitive place) and it really feels that way.

It's given the video a new life.  The visuals still embrace the song but now it has more urgency imposed on to it.  The video as a whole feels unsafe, less trippy, and something that's hard to watch as the tension through the narrative builds.  It now has a thriller-pace to it much like a closing or opening credit sequence that inspired the video in the first place.

I'm very proud of the video as it's pretty effective.  The song as it is now is better, more complete, and has a clear style that the band has perfected.  I'm happy its a part of the new EP 'Midnight Movies' and I hope it helps give it more exposure.

To pre-order the new EP and show some support, head over to the below:


'Midnight Movies' will be released 1st March 2016.  

See ya on the flip side...Danny

Monday, 28 December 2015

The Wind-down Part 2 - FILMS OF 2015


It's also been the month of FESTIVALS and QnA's! Most notably the Widescreen Weekend at the Bradford Film Museum and the big horror fest in Sheffield, Celluloid Screams!

I rocked up to the final day of the Widescreen Weekend to meet a buddy who's a regular to the festival. He was in it for the long haul and went to pretty much every screening and talk there - projectionists, award winning FX artists etc.

The big hitter was a presentation by the legendary Douglas Trumbull. If you don't know who Doug Trumbull is, get educated. '2001', 'Blade Runner', 'Close Encounters', 'Silent Running'...this guy was the FX supervisor. So yeah, he's kinda a big deal. Shit, he even turned Star Wars down (as you do). Along with the 70mm screening of '2001 A Space Odyssey', he presented a talk about his work, film in general, and what he sees the future of film as a medium.

Thoroughly fascinating in a pure nerdist sense, it was an eye opener. The man himself couldn't be a kinder gent. A class act.

Up next was the annual horror jaunt Celluloid Screams. An absolute treat of a weekend it was too. A good mix of great and not-so-great movies, shorts, and general bollocks talking over gallons of ale.

Opening night was a great night with three flicks that ranged from terrible (The Invitation), to sublime (Goodnight Mommy), to the batshit crazy (Yakuza Apocalypse). It also showcased Andy Stewart's new short film 'Remnant'. See last years BLOG on his excellent short film 'INK' just to remind you on how much of a great talent the feller is.

'Remnant' itself is a showcase of the filmmaker trying to stretch himself but still keeping a signature style. The short lingers long after it finishes and has a gritty, bile-tinted visual style that unsettles for the runtime.

Capping it all off, I got to get drunk with some good guys, hang out with the legendary Graham Humphreys, the ladies from Arrow Video. Also, a shout out to Ben Stiener and Michael Wallin (quiet Nordic nutter and FX guy).


As for this years movie intake? Well...compared to last year, it's been poor. Check out last years blog HERE

The list of my faves is shorter, and the quality isn't as high (minus a few choice flicks), and the majority are Documentaries.

QnA for 'The Wolfpack' with director Crystal Moselle and Angulo brothers

Black Mass - Scott Cooper
Steve Jobs - Danny Boyke 
Yakuza Apocalypse - Takeshi Miike
Goodnight Mommy - Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala
Sicario - Denis Villeneuve
Straight Outta Compton - F. Gary Grey
The Man from U.N.C.L.E - Guy Ritchie
Maggie - Henry Hobson
Mission Impossible Rouge Nation - Chris McQuarrie
Electric Boogaloo; Story of Canon Films - Mark Hartley
Jurassic World - Colin Trevorrow
Mad Max Fury Road - George Miller 
Cobain: Montage of Heck - Brett Morgen
The Wolfpack - Crystal Moselle

Oh, no Star Wars: The Force Awakens???? Well, yeah. It wasn't the flick I signed up for if I'm honest.

Also, your Revanant's and Hateful Eight's will rock out in January, so I'll bunch them in with 2016 list.

Here's to next year. Hopefully it'll improve. I'm sure it will as a new Shane Black flick is out.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Wind-down 2015: PART ONE

Howdy.  This turned from just the one month blog to the end of the year one.  So sit back, relax, and I hope I don't bore you to death.

Had a busy arle year so I'll hit you up with what's been going down:


Two music videos leathered for this year that I've produced, written, and directed.  A personal record especially from a one-man-band style operation.

Both videos were for the rock band Black Neon Knights for two singles - RISE UP and 'NECROMANCER'

You can read about the production and release of 'Necromaner' HERE and HERE

'RISE UP' is the latest taken from their soon to be released album in February. You can also check out the history HERE

It's a cracking rock tune and I love what the guys are churning out.  The lads were happy with the video as its something unique to the usual rock music video style.

Again, I can't thank all the people involved (see previous BLOGS) enough.  If you ain't caught it, check it out below.

Feedback has been really great. There's a sense of the unexpected with it and you don't really know where the video is going until it goes completely off the rails. Lots of praise for the visuals which was a huge incentive for the project in the first place and something I'm most pleased about.  A lot of time and effort went in to creating the authentic VHS look which, while now a cliched style to use, is often not done in the right way.  Aspect ratios and the colour drain plays a huge part that worked well in offsetting the band footage before opening it up with the full HD footage.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Some kind words from Chris Barnes over at SLAUGHTERED BIRD horror site, as well as the nicest's guys in horror Mr Liam 'Banjo' Regan and Andy 'INK' Stewart capped it all off.

Might be small time for some people, but fuck you it's prolific from me (hehe)

Please head over to the FACEBOOK page to check out TONS of behind the scenes photos and concept art. It's a good little insight into the production on how the video became.


Designed and launched this bad-boy earlier in the year.

Check it out and share for all your music video needs.  Feedback is welcome.


Other personal highlights include actually ranking in a big screenplay competition.

While I do appreciate reaching the semi-final, you have to win it. You don't get anything for 2nd place.  But what it does do it gives you that push to say "Hey, it's not all shite that you're doing" so keep going.

I met one of the finalists, Ben Stiener (director of the multi-award winning short 'The Stomach') and hope it gives him a big push. Really good guy.    


In addition to the above, I've been dipping my toe is things outside my comfort zone. I'm currently collaborating/helping out with a writer I met on the Creative England course from last year, Rachael Genn.

I've tried to give her a helping hand organising script read-through's with a drama group for her comedy series. In addition to helping her direct a section for a unique pitch video for a installation she's trying to get funding for.

We've worked well together and its been a lot of fun. It's great to collaborate with people like this and remove myself from my own little bubble.  I just hope I don't fuck it up.

So, keep an eye out for my festival travel blog as well as my top films for 2015.

As for 2016?  I've got plans.  The music video gigs should take a step up. The writing should get more of a push. And...well...hopefully get a narrative short off the ground.

Thanks for everyone who's helped out over the year. I met some new friends all on the edge of doing exciting things. Stay tuned and don't forget to holla atcha boy!

See ya on the flip side....Danny.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


So, how do we do?

Three months since the last blog update and now I can finally show you all the new music video we've been working on for BLACK NEON KNIGHTS .

Ladies and gents....RISE UP!!!


I would like to thank everyone who worked on this and helped out, all listed below.  All talented folks that I'm very grateful to have met and worked with. You're all good eggs.

Rachelle Shaw -

Jayne Hyman -

Sarah Walker -

Cheryl Fowler -

Chris Earl -

Ed Cartledge

Rob Speranza

The Slaughtered Bird (Chris Barnes)

Had a great screening last night at the Showroom Cinema, Showroom Shorts. Looks great on a big screen to round off the night with some award winning horror short films.

I'll be venturing to this years Celluloid Screams Horror Festival (www.celluloidscreams.com) this weekend also. Should be a fun weekend to catch up with some folks, check out some flicks (GOBLIN!!!). Holla at ya boy if you're around!

See ya on the flip side...Danny

Sunday, 19 July 2015



As you may have gathered, we shot a music video last Saturday!

If you follow most of my silly ramblings on social meeedjah you'll have got all kinds of teaser photos - pre-production, production, and post-production.  All of if very intriguing without giving the whole game away.

As for the shoot itself?  Couldn't have gone any smoother to be fair. From planning and casting to the actual shoot - everything went like a dream.  I'd like to put it down to my meticulous eye for detail...or maybe it was down to knowing what I could/couldn't do and what I could get my hands on. Either way, let me bask in my producer-director glory for a change you judgemental creatures.

Go check out more updates over at the FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM page.  Maybe give them a like too.

It could also be down to the talented cast and crew who seem to feel "safe" working with me in the full understanding that what we're shooting isn't an episode of Rasta Mouse (although I could easily do a nutty version of that).

So I'd just like to say thanks to all involved. Sarah Walker, Jayne Hyman, Cheryl Fowler, Chris Earl, and Rachelle Shaw.   Go give em some love below by following or liking their pages if you'd be so kind.

Rachelle Shaw -

Jayne Hyman -

Sarah Walker -

Cheryl Fowler -

Chris Earl -

On top of this, not only did we finish a shoot earlier than expected, I happened to dive-bomb on a little get together with some top UK Horror movie-makers who had just hit Sheffield's Horrorcon this year (something I was unable to make due to said video shoot).

Ended up being a great night.  I finally got a chance to sup a few ales with ANDY STEWART, the director of the awesome body horror trilogy - Dysmorphia, Split, and INK.  As you may know, I threw INK in my top films I saw last year HERE - so it was cool to just chat the shit with him and have a bit of a chuckle. Go check out his flicks HERE or on Eli Roth's CRYPT TV pretty soon.

On top of THAT, there was a young buck named LIAM REGAN who also got a severe ear-bashing from yours truly. He's got a new flick on way called BANJO - a UK indie horror flick which is a cross between Troma (and is endorsed by Lloyd Kaufman BTW) and Frank "Basket Case/Frankenhooker" Henenlotter.  Really enjoyed talking to him as we threw our favourite Toxic Avenger 4 quotes at each other.

Check out the TRAILER and show it some love!  It's also good to see Dan Palmer pop up in a few things as I really dug his first movie "Freak Out" years ago!

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for updates!

See ya on the flip side...Danny

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Something out there...and it ain't no man

Howdy, been a few weeks since the last update.

Reason for that? Pre-Production on the new BLACK NEON KNIGHTS music video.

It's gonna be very cool. I'm looking forward to it.

Keep your eyes open for further updates in the next few weeks - pre-production/production shots etc.

Check out the blog for more ramblings here - http://dereksdontrunfilms.blogspot.co.uk/
Check out our previous videos here - http://www.dereksdontrunfilms.com/

Please share and keep sharing!

Meanwhile, check out our previous video for the band below!

See ya on the flip side...Danny